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Get Hyundai service at the dealer in Lake Jackson that does it all.

Make sure that your Hyundai gets auto service in Lake Jackson that you can trust at the Don Davis Hyundai Service Center. Our trained expert auto mechanic team has the experience to handle everything from routine maintenance in a hurry to complex engine diagnostics and auto body work including dent repair.

Schedule your next service appointment at your Hyundai dealer in TX. It’s easy to do with our quick online form, and you’ll be able to stop by and have your vehicle serviced on your schedule.

Oil Change and Tire Rotation Service

Every vehicle needs routine oil changes and tire rotation service to keep running at peak efficiency and performance, but it’s important to know the service intervals required for your vehicle. The old advice of “get an oil change every 3,000 miles” isn’t necessarily applicable to your modern vehicle. Some of today’s engines and lubricants are designed to go as far as 10,000 miles between services.

You’ll find your vehicle’s oil change and tire rotation intervals in your owner’s manual. Our service writers can help you find this information and help you stay on track with your scheduled maintenance.

The Don Davis Hyundai Service Advantage

Auto service in Lake Jackson is made better by great customer service, and that’s exactly what you enjoy at Don Davis Hyundai. Our service writers make sure that you stay in the loop with work being done or suggested on your vehicle.

It’s no secret that cars these days are complicated with multiple computer systems, sophisticated safety features and precision-made mechanical components, and our service staff specializes in simplifying auto service.

Schedule Your Service Online

We’ve made it easier than ever to schedule your next service. Just fill out our online service scheduler and show up at the time that works best for you. Our service techs will get your car done and back to you as quickly as possible.

So remember that your Hyundai dealer in TX is your source for auto maintenance and repairs, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.